Christmas is in the air: Oklahoma’s 2017 holiday ornament revealed

Anywhere Ornaments Spread seasonal greetings with these cute pieces perfect for your tree, staircase, doorknobs, or chairbacks. Paint wooden letters J and Y with red acrylic paint. Wrap a wooden letter O with green yarn; use hot glue to secure ends and attach a small bow and gems. To attach letters, arrange them facedown, then hot-glue small card stock strips from one letter to the next. To hang, hot-glue a loop of baker’s twine to the back of the O. From white faux craft fur, cut and hot-glue semicircle beard and two teardrops as a mustache. To hang, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the back. Cut the body, back legs, and snout from white felt, then again from card stock.

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It is almost Christmas! But you still have time to make this cute, rustic ornament for your tree. Awhile ago, my dad gave me an old game of Scrabble that has two game boards and a ton of tiles.

Place the end of white yarn in the glue and wrap once around the bottle. Allow this first line to dry to create a ridge that will keep the remaining wraps from slipping off the bottom. Add more glue as you wrap approximately 10 rotations of yarn around the bottle. Push the lines down to eliminate gaps between each row of yarn. The height of the 10 rotations should measure approximately 1-inch tall. Cut the white yarn and attach red yarn in the same way, butting the cut ends of the yarn together.

Continue the red and white stripes to the top of the bottle. Cut a 1-yard strip of 1-inch wide white ribbon. Bundle a couple branches of greenery and a candy cane together. Tie the bow around the center of the bottle with the greenery and candy cane tucked under the bow. Apply E to the top rim of the bottle.

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Sometimes the cat would make a bed of it, and she seemed pretty comfortable. You could jump from a plane into it and be fine. Each city in Canada would contribute another building-sized pile, every year, until you had an entire city of crumpled gift wrap. The paper from the US would make it ten or twelve times larger. It occurs to me only now that the gifts that came in that paper would make an astronomically larger heap — an entire Death Star of toys and kitch, having come at a cost of about 5 trillion dollars.

Did you know you can capture every first Christmas and family photo with our personalized family Christmas ornaments? It just doesn’t get more special than a Christmas tree full of memories and sweet moments with your family. Remember everything with customized ornaments from CafePress. Mark an occasion. Convey your passions. Get a big holiday laugh.

Wayne Schmidt’s Christmas Movie Reviews Christmas movie reviews recommending which to watch and which to avoid. As of January, , updates to this page will only take place on its sister page at: Please go there for the latest reviews. For ten years my wife and I have made a hobby of watching all the Christmas movies possible that are aired on television during the holiday season and rating them as to which were good enough to purchase and add to our library, which were okay to watch only once and which we wanted to make sure to avoid in the future.

We’re posting these lists to help people find the best movies to watch and the ones to avoid. While many pleasant movies have been made that revolve around ghosts, flying reindeers, Santa Claus, his relatives, or angels coming to Earth to perform miracles, our preference is to avoid them. This isn’t a reflection of negative secularism, just our feeling that such movies cross over too far into fantasy.

Our criteria for a good movie is that it has an interesting and believable plot with Christmas as an important element, competent acting, avoids cliched characters and doesn’t have smart-aleck children dumping attitude on everyone.

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Iva We are slowly but surely coming up to the festive season once again. It seems that it is always dads and boyfriends who are difficult to shop for, but while dad will probably be quite happy with a bottle of fine whiskey, a shirt or even some socks, for our boyfriends we want something special. The boyfriend Christmas gift dilemma is one that engulfs us all.

What could we get our boyfriend for Christmas that shows our love, yet makes him jump with joy? Here are some ideas on getting your boyfriend a festive gift he will be smiling about for ages!

Gloria Duchin, Inc Collectible Christmas Ornament Made with Swarovski Elements Made in the USA Crystals and Ribbons Imported Photo Ornament Dated Home is Where the Dog is Photo Size approximately inches by inches.

Which country was the first to use the tradition of Christmas trees? Germany Who invented electric Christmas lights? Thomas Edison in The legend of Santa Claus is associated with which saint or monk? Oklahoma Which was the first country to issue a Christmas postage stamp? Canada When was Christmas declared as a federal holiday in the United States? Italy What is Santa Claus called in France? Theodore Roosevelt How many days do we have between Christmas and the Epiphany?

Twelve Which country follows the tradition to light candles on the graves of relatives on Christmas Eve? Finland Where did the Nativity take place? Silver Which company made the concept of Santa Claus popular worldwide? Vixen a fox Who was the first person to wear a tailored Santa costume and walk around the store, distributing gifts?

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Most people illuminate their Christmas tree with electric lights, but people in some countries, like Switzerland, still prefer to use candles. Between and , 28 Swiss people sustained significant burns from doing this, and four died as a result of their burns. Most people illuminate their Christmas tree with electric lights, but people in some countries, like Switzerland, still prefer to use candles Although less common than household fires, fires associated with candles and Christmas decorations usually lead to much more severe injuries.

Christmas lights are particularly hazardous to children as they are the perfect size for them to eat or inhale.

Millions of kids have never received a good Christmas present from their grandparents, a study has found. A poll of 1, children aged 6 to 15 revealed one in nine reckon they have always been.

Christopher Radko Fine hand crafted blown glass ornaments in turn of the century style. Christopher Radko The Designer Since , Christopher Radko has devoted himself to restoring magic, heart and fine craftsmanship to holiday celebrations and it all began with a family calamity. In , the tree crashed to the floor one week before the holiday shattering almost every ornament. Also lost were many cherished memories and family traditions, but Christopher was determined to restore them.

Visiting relatives in Europe, Christopher found a glass-blower eager to revive the art of his great-grandfathers, dormant since the turn of the century. Christopher encourage him to recover their antique ornament molds, supplied him with designs from his own imagination, and sold the finished product door to door in New York City. The ornaments are mouth-blown in tempered glass for durability, lined with silver for luminescence and painted with loving care in every intricate detail.

The artistry of Christopher Radko was borne of a desire to bridge warm memories of holidays past with new traditions for today. Christopher takes pride in the way his creations connect families and friends, young and old, one ornament at a time. Radiant with sparkle and a glow from within, his designs are not just decorations. They are works of heart! The Creation Process Day 1 Day 1: Once Christopher conceives a design, it is submitted to a carver who works a model from clay or plaster.

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Make a stitch chain. Row 1 – Make a double crochet in the third chain from the hook and each stitch across, 20 stitches total. Row 2 – Make two chain stitches to turn. Make a double crochet in each stitch across.

A religious Christmas card in Chinese (translation front of card: Merry Christmas). A beautiful painting by the Italian artist Mancini (dating from the 17th century) and elegant golden elements. Please note that all gold is gold effect or faux gold.

It will soon be the holiday season, and you can anticipate the big day by using Christmas live wallpapers on your Android device. It seems hardly any time since we were celebrating last Christmas and now another one will soon be upon us. For many of us, Christmas is the best of all of the holidays, bringing to mind time spent with families, Christmas food, gifts, and that general feeling of bonhomie and goodwill to all men. Free with Ads Download on Google Play While our list is in no particular order, we have to say that this dynamic app is among our very favorites.

It offers an impressive 3D perspective when you move your phone by using the gyroscope of your device or uses the accelerometer as a mock gyroscope for a 3D look. It has some really beautiful scenes, among them churches in the snow, Christmas trees, Santa in his sleigh high up in the night sky on the way from the North Pole, and gently falling snowflakes.

This app will really make your Android device stand out, and it can be used as a foreground app with customizable settings, or as a live wallpaper background. Features include HD options, control of the amount of snow and the speed it falls, being able to select a rotating combination of scenes and support for horizontal orientation. This live wallpaper app from Agreed Studios now features music in the form of Christmas carols, and it was recently updated for with further improvements.

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For a critical Christian response to these claims, see: The ancient polytheistic religions of Egypt, Persia, Babylonia and eventually Rome increasingly consolidated their pantheons of deities under a single primary god, usually a Sun-god. Humans could choose between good light or evil darkness and on judgment day be sent to Heaven or Hell based on their choices. Mithras was identified as the redeemer prophesied by Zoroaster: As an adult, Mithras healed the sick, made the lame walk, gave sight to the blind and raised the dead.

Eric Randall (Jesse Metcalfe), a famous author who writes about how to stay a bachelor is forced to look after his niece and nephew over the holidays and, with the help of his Christmas-loving neighbor, April Stewart (Fiona Gubelmann), he learns to find love and the Christmas spirit.

These gifting traditions are perfect presents to give every year and will give you and your spouse something fun to look forward to each year. Christmas Gift Traditions Pin Sexy Stocking — A stocking tradition meant for just you and him! Santa Baby Chocolate Wraps — Dress up chocolate candy nuggets by wrapping it in a Santa inspired printable. Want, Need, Wear, Read Tags — Use these adorable printables to cut down on the quantity of Christmas gifts while improving the quality and making it more meaningful!

Elfed — Leave your neighbor a sweet treat with a challenge to pass it on! Love Letters — Write an old-fashioned, thoughtful letter to your spouse and pop it in the mail! Christmas Calendar — Create a calendar for the coming year filled with photos of your favorite moments together. Passport to Love — A year of romantic date nights traveling around the globe! Love Note Tree — Write love notes on hearts and hang them as ornaments on a special tree. Naughty or Nice Notes — Leave notes around the house for your spouse to find.

Christmas Shoes — Put out your shoes on St. Ding Dong Ditch — Anonymously leave a surprise treat for your neighbor — ring the doorbell and run! Christmas Treats Traditions Pin

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The Yule Log The Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas Mistletoe is a plant that grows on range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees. The tradition of hanging it in the house goes back to the times of the ancient Druids. It is supposed to possess mystical powers which bring good luck to the household and wards off evil spirits. It was also used as a sign of love and friendship in Norse mythology and that’s where the custom of kissing under Mistletoe comes from.

York Minster Church in the UK used to hold a special Mistletoe Service in the winter, where wrong doers in the city of York could come and be pardoned.

A Christmas tree ornament that is a mini-replica of the now-famous red hat with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ has sold out on Amazon.

Summaries 4 Summaries A widow plans to give Christmas festivities a miss, as they bring back too many memories of her late husband. The only Christmas tradition she will observe is baking cookies for her friends, a passion since she was a child. When Kathy meets handsome Christmas tree shop owner Tim, their undeniable chemistry – along with an ornament Tim gives her that symbolizes hope-helps Kathy open up to the joys of the season again.

With the support of her best friend Jenna, and the budding relationship with Tim, Kathy begins to embrace the hopeful message of the ornament. Although Kathy wants to take a chance on Tim, she struggles to find the balance between preserving the memory of her husband and moving on with her own future. Is the Christmas ornament a sign that she can have a hopeful future?

Dream Cycle is not doing well as a business, but Kathy is determined to make a go of it to honor Scott’s memory, despite having an easy out of her business neighbor Mario wanting to take over her lease, and, according to her accountant Eve Atkinson, having sufficient inventory that after liquidating it she should come out at least even if not a bit ahead.

A large part of Kathy and Scott’s relationship was the ritual of giving each other a Christmas ornament each year signifying something important that had happened in their lives that year. As such, Kathy plans not to decorate or put up a tree this year so as not to bring up those painful memories. Kathy’s best friend, Jenna Lowe, not only wants Kathy to have a Merry Christmas by taking in all that Christmas has to offer, but also to get back into the dating scene.

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