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To that end I hope this workshop will further that interest. I invite you to ask questions and learn to date buttons as to their era, material and value. Along the way it is my hope to save valuable buttons from being used for craft projects and to encourage others in the collecting of buttons. Of course my buttoning ventures have helped my own button collection grow as well. Other club members have contributed much to my growing knowledge of buttons. Some of the most interesting buttons I have collected include a hand-painted miniature on Ivory and some Enameled, Sterling, Arts and Crafts period buttons. The oldest buttons I own are from the 18th century, one of which is from the French revolution and has a catgut shank. Sorting and cleaning Start sifting through the button boxes of the past and you may find some treasures worth saving or selling. Metal buttons, buttons with cardboard in them, also some wood and fabric buttons will not take kindly to the water.

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“Gibson Girl” buttons are from the Art Nouveau Era (). As with every period in history specific years overlapped and did not abruptly begin or end as some historians would have us believe.

Such a coat works fine for outdoors pursuits and when paired with very casual clothing. On the other side are men who have a variety of jackets for every occasion. The parka for activities outdoors, a mackinaw for casual get-togethers, a duffle or pea coat for layering over smart casual clothes, and a couple different kinds of overcoats for wearing atop suits and tuxes. For the sartorially inclined, having a closet full of coats may be desirable.

But for those who prefer having a very simple, minimal wardrobe , I have good news: Best of all, it works when worn over both casual and formalwear. Some of the images below show a topcoat rather than an overcoat; a topcoat is simply a lighter-weight overcoat, and the same principles discussed apply. A ski-inspired jacket is good for outdoor activities and very casual get-ups.

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The cartridges show a head stamp 11 6 C for Cordite not black powder. The packet remains in excellent condtiin save one open co New Item Email Price: WW2 Canadian military helmet.

The Army Combat Uniform and its flame-retardant variant, the Flame-Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FRACU), are the current battle uniforms worn by the United States Army. The uniform is also used by the U.S. Air Force, where it is known as the Airman Combat Uniform (ACU).

A few must surely have been lost whilst in use on the uniforms but that will not account for the hundreds found each year. Shoddy is where old clothes were either cut up or shredded and placed directly onto the land as a form of fertiliser. It seems that the buttons were no longer in fashion so were not recycled. Over the years the fabric will have rotted away, leaving us with just the buttons. I welcome good clear images of your found livery buttons, I can’t guarantee an identification but I will give it my best shot.

Livery button pattern books As a researcher into the crests on livery buttons the most frustrating situation is the fate and whereabouts of the original pattern books. It appears that the vast majority of them have either been lost or the contents removed and sold separately without the family name being attributed to them. I have been fortunate in finding and securing one of these pattern books which is from the firm of Jennens.

As usual the contents have been removed for sale but as can be seen from the pictures some useful information can still be gleaned from it. As well as names of those families and retailers listed in the squares where the button was stored the suede cushioning page opposite has, in some cases, left enough of an imprint to be able to match up crests to the correct family.

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Despite the multiple pockets on your spouses uniform, service members are not allowed to keep their hands in their pockets. You might not cause them to break the rule, but you can help by keeping an eye out to remind them. Military personnel are not allowed to hold hands while in uniform. Males may escort women or help the elderly, but affectionate hand holding is a no-no. Your spouse is required to keep his or her right hand empty in order to salute at any time.

That means your spouse may need some assistance when carrying heavy loads.

During the ’s and before, as with the US Navy buttons, there were some beautiful 1-piece buttons for various branches of the US Army. Pictured buttons are: US General Service, Infantry, Riflemen, US Militia, and two Artillery buttons.

Billions of buttons later, the company continues to fashionably fasten the clothing of the U. Lee and Ulysses S. When the Titanic sailed in , the crew of the White Star Line wore Waterbury buttons on their double-breasted coats. Cabinet drawers at the Waterbury Button factory, located since in nearby Cheshire, Connecticut, are brimming with dies for 40, button designs, including images of anchors, eagles and flags for the U. Each of the 30 million buttons produced annually by the company is stamped from brass.

When he no longer could buy brass, he made buttons from pewter. Today, employee Arthur St. Germain, 60, feeds brass from a large spool into a machine to make the button shells, or tops, to fill an order for the Chicago Police Department. With a thundering whomp, a ton stamping machine impresses the design, one button at a time. The button shells are cleaned and placed in vats of chemicals, including a gold-flecked finish for gold plating.

Using dozens of finishes, employees produce buttons that resemble lustrous gold, shiny silver, or dull pewter and nickel for an antique or distressed look. Dan Dorau, 59, operates a century-old eyelet machine that adds a loop of wire to each button back. Button shells and backs then are soldered together, cleaned and buffed.

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No liners, no problems noted. Should be good for hunting! Not polished and is dirty, scuffed and scratched. Chrome or Nickle over brass. Chromed or nickeled over brass.

8 US Navy military buttons – the design has aneagle facing to its left standing on a horizontal anchor. In , the design was changed to the eagle facing to its right. Since these are facing left, t.

How to Sew on a Button I was in Chicago at a networking event three years ago and found myself with a problem. What was a man to do? With 30 minutes to spare, I went to the hotel lobby and asked for an emergency sewing kit. It was still a bit tight, but the shirt buttoned much more easily, and I made it through the event without a problem. So the question today is: Needle 2 if possible — any basic sewing needle will do, the slimmer the better.

Try to use a thread that matches the garment color, but in a pinch, black or navy are unobjectionable. Button — the original, if possible, otherwise simply use what you can find. Most shirts will have a spare set of buttons sewn on the inside of the bottom front. The method here is for a four-hole button, but can be adapted to two-hole buttons as well.

You can use your teeth in a pinch. But because you never know where and when one of your buttons will pop off, I recommend always packing your own emergency sewing kits in your bag and car, as I explain below: How to Sew on a Button Take off the garment if possible, although in my story above I simply performed the procedure in front of a public restroom mirror. If working on your front trouser button, find a bathroom stall.

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CC’s Metals This page features antique metal buttons, vintage metal buttons and modern collectible metal clothing buttons, including various materials mounted in or on metal buttons. To order jot down the page you are on, the item code, description and price, then click my address here: Return to CC’s Buttons, click here. From an original Weeber-stickered “La Mode” B.

That Scovill backmark dates ‘s per Tice’s book Dating Buttons A Chronology of Button Types, Maker, Retailers & Their Backmarks. So it pre-dates the US Army conversion to a common button ~

Caps of the Soviet Army Introduction Due to the large number of caps in this category, I have subdivided the Army cap section into the four uniform periods described on my Uniform Periods page to the left. All caps on this page were worn during this period. However, certain uniform elements including caps often extended into succeeding uniform regulations. In most cases, I have placed these caps according to the uniform period in which they were first introduced. A thumbnail image accompanies each cap description.

Clicking on that thumbnail will bring up a larger, higher resolution image. M69 “Modernized” uniforms and their final updates Ministry of Defense uniform regulations implemented in represented the most significant and far-reaching reform of Soviet Army and Navy uniforms since Virtually every type of officer and soldier uniform was affected, with an overall trend toward more modern and lighter fabrics, western design and added color and ornamentation.

While generals’ uniforms changed the least in these changes, it is safe to say that every service member began the effective date of the M69 regulations looking sharper – at least on paper – than his counterparts in Visor caps changed in shape, size, color and accessories – with the crown increasing in height and circumference, wave green becoming the standard color for all officer parade dress and aluminum emblems vanquishing the last remnants of brass and enamel insignia. Motorized Rifle General Parade Probably the archetypical Soviet general’s cap – the one most commonly seen in images taken of Soviet military parades, funerals and other ceremonies.

In compliance with regulations, the top circumference was increased final size varied depending on head size and the height of the crown front was raised by. Other than those changes – this dated cap mirrors its predecessors.

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