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This building, with its well known Victoria Jubilee clock, is much older than it appears to be as the 18th century brick facade conceals a late 16th century house with projecting upper floors. It possesses a Cotswold stone tiled roof, capped by a fine bell turret and a dragon weather vane. It was given to the town by Anne, Countess of Warwick, in , originally for the poor aged and impotent, but it soon served as the Court of Piepowder with a courtroom on the ground floor and a common prison or blind house in the cellar. It is now in private ownership although the clock belongs to the Town Council. A new clock was provided in and there was a dial set on a post until Queen Victoria’s Jubilee in The star has a claim to fame revealed when the recent film of the Titanic came out and was shown at the Town Cinema just opposite. John Cambridge, whose father was the licensee of the Star, grew up here in the 18th century. Later he emigrated to Prince Edward Island in Canada, becoming a shipbuilder and founding the White Star Shipping Line named after his father’s inn in Wotton which in due course owned the ill-fated Titanic. The open area in front of the Star and the Town Hall is what remains of the Stone or Stony Chipping distinct from the Green Chipping which is now simply called the Chipping and was where the market was held. The Town Hall was originally built as a market house in the middle of the Stony Chipping in , of classical proportions, rising on fifteen Doric stone columns, which can still be seen, providing a covered open market at ground level with a large room above like the similar ones in Tetbury and Dursley.


Converted to unleaded petrol. Minilite alloy wheels new tyres. Many extras and history with photos. Condition 3 but clutch needs attention. New rear discs, sonic blue.

V/1 11/13 List of. Vehicle Owners Clubs. N.B. The information contained in this booklet was correct at the time of going to print. The most up to date version is available on the internet website.

Melungeon Boys Nowadays, it seems that every other black-haired, mountain dweller claims Melungeon roots. The name refers to a specific set of families. Traditionally dark-featured and visibly different from their white, black and Native American neighbors, they have lived in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee for centuries. Their ethnic origin has been a source of debate for nearly as long. This ambiguity made early Appalachian whites suspicious. Early references to the group speak volumes.

In nearly a dozen court cases, the ethnicity of Melungeon people was challenged, including one case in which several members of the group were tried for illegal voting. They were accused on the grounds that they were not white and therefore ineligible to cast a ballot. While they were acquitted, this kind of legal discrimination, along with a general social stigma, dogged the Melungeons well into the twentieth century. Rather than reject the name that had been used against them, they reclaimed it.

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Moronic musings on various other enthusiasms are also thrown in for good measure. Presumably named in honor of the ’40s radio show and film series The Great Gildersleeve. The Original New York: Trans-High Publishing, ], Gildersleeves is given a 3-star, “This place is smokin! But to my frustration I’ve yet to locate any concrete background info about the joint–ownership, exact years of operation, history of the building, atmospheric accounts, etc. Thus the best I can offer is a brief list of some bands who played there.

An airport is an aerodrome with extended facilities, mostly for commercial air transport. Airports often have facilities to store and maintain aircraft, and a control airport consists of a landing area, which comprises an aerially accessible open space including at least one operationally active surface such as a runway for a plane to take off or a helipad, and often includes adjacent.

Ducati Brough Superior is back on the road. The SS is a thing of beauty – and it’s great to ride Credit: Henriette, who has a string of outstanding concept machines to his name, has excelled himself with the SS Its engine is a cc, dohc V-twin with cylinders set at 88 degrees. By contrast the Brough unit is softly tuned, aimed at flexible roadgoing performance with a modest maximum output of bhp in standard form.

The free-revving, cc V-twin is a work of art and delivers strong acceleration thanks to a broad spread of torque Credit: That output is coupled with a rider-friendly delivery and a free-revving V-twin character. Just a generous supply of controllable torque, backed up by a smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox, and enhanced by a tuneful V-twin bark. Back in the Thirties, every SS was delivered with a certificate, signed by George Brough, confirming it had recorded mph.

The new model is good for 30mph more, and cruises at the legal limit with long-legged ease. Its rider leans gently forward to the slightly raised one-piece handlebar, gaining some wind protection from a flyscreen that moves up and down with the front suspension. The riding position is fairly roomy but some buyers will doubtless opt for the touring kit, comprising higher bars and lower footrests. The frame uses the engine as a stressed member, with lightweight titanium subframes bolted to front and rear.

The wishbone front suspension system, based on the French-designed Fior layout also used by numerous BMWs , is light and tuneable.

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A favoured twin from A previous owner spots his old bike in the magazine Could this be a million dollar motorcycle?

Southern California Norton Owners Club. Kevin Nerden P.O. Box Pasadena, Ca Greater Atlanta Norton Owners. Lawrence Anderson, President Riverview Trail Roswell, GA [email protected] ADKNOC (Adirondacks Norton Owners Club) Bob Shelton Box Keene, NY ()

That was the estimate Bonhams had in mind for this piece of classic bike history when it came up for auction at the firm’s October sale at Stafford. A very respectable 57bhp was claimed with the maximum speed touching mph. But Hobbs was unsatisfied and took the bike to Ted “Barry” Baragwanath pictured left. Baragwanath, a well-known and well-respected Brooklands sidecar racer and tuner who also ran a motor repair business in North London and was noted for wearing a winged collar with his riding gear coaxed the horsepower up to around 65 from This was achieved by increasing the compression ratio to 8.

Moby was now able to hit mph in top gear 3rd , and reach mph in second. Despite all this, Hobbs didn’t fare as well as he’d hoped at Brooklands, but he did better at the Gatwick Speed Trials in both the solo and the sidecar class. By , Moby Dick was sold and passed through the hands of Alfred J Cain and Tom Eccles, the latter of whom kept the bike for 40 years.

Bonhams is bound to be disappointed at the result of this sale, and will no doubt be looking anxiously at their next sale at Harrogate to see if this represents a new downward trend see item below. For more on this, see Sump September

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Jean Claude Bellier was an expert on Corot. Charles Beloe, Great Britain Beloe was an art dealer, agent and exhibitor, familiar with some of the leading British painters of the mid th century, including Benjamin Robert Haydon and Sir George Hayter. Letters sent by Beloe from various locations in Britain, —51 referring to the exhibition, purchase, and sale of contemporary British works of art.

Associated Motor Cycles (AMC) was a British motorcycle manufacturer founded by the Collier brothers as a parent company for the Matchless and AJS motorcycle companies. It later absorbed Francis-Barnett, James, and Norton before incorporation into Norton-Villiers.

The two explorers, along with their five crewmen, stepped ashore near where the Iowa river flowed into the Mississippi. It is believed that the voyage marked the first time that white people visited the region of Iowa. After surveying the surrounding area, the Frenchmen recorded in their journals that Iowa appeared lush, green, and fertile. For the next years, thousands of white settlers would agree with these early visitors: Iowa was indeed lush and green; moreover, its soil was highly productive.

In fact, much of the history of the Hawkeye State is inseparably intertwined with its agricultural productivity. Iowa stands today as one of the leading agricultural states in the nation, a fact foreshadowed by the observation of the early French explorers.

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Certificate of Authenticity Suitable for framing and display, typically with matching numbers Details frame, engine, gearbox and registration numbers and Manufacturer’s Specifications. Advice is therefore being reviewed and will be updated soon. Meanwhile the most up to date advice can be obtained from the DVLA website and documents at www. This document sets out the new procedures for services previously provided by Local Offices in respect of the registration and licensing of historic vehicles.

This information covers changes in procedures for: The verification of documents for V applications Obtaining a tax disc following a V application The verification of documents for V applications Currently at Local Offices, customers can have original documents such as old log books, copied and verified and submit these verified copies with their V application.

Club membership is open to all Norton motorcycle enthusiasts. Among the benefits of membership is our fine quarterly magazine, the Norton News. This offers technical insights, national classified ads, and access to Norton merchants all over the world.

For over years, every blanket woven in the town came to the Hall to be weighed and measured, and upstairs in the Great Room the Company set the Rules for the Trade. In , the Hall reopened its doors to reveal this illustrious past and offer woollen blankets and throws, coffee pies and assemblies, both commercial and cultural. Visitors are always welcome and are invited to come and find out more about the infamous Witney Blankets.

The Pie Shop offers its famous pies and platters, as well as tea, coffee and cakes. The Hall is licenced so wine and Blanket Hall Beer is always available. Tour of the Blanket Hall usually take place at 2pm but can be arranged at other times by pre-booking. The Hall can also be open outside hours by arrangement and is often available for Hire by Companies and Societies.

Holloways, beside the parish church, were given by John Holloway in the 18th century and were refurbished in Townsend Almshouses, on the old Oxford Road near Newland, date from William Townsend was a successful London businessman who had been born in Witney. They were first mentioned in but by the end of the 18th century they were in such a poor state of repair that they had to be rebuilt.